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”It’s not only about what we see anymore. It’s about what we see and what we touch”

Imagine that you can reproduce the art paintings of the world’s most famous painters, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. That you can combine the true colors with a very accurate reproduction of the brush strokes and texture of the painting. Undoubtedly, this generates exciting and remarkable experiences that have never appealed to so many senses before. Simply by combining the elevated printing technology with old world craftsmanship.

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With micro millimeter precision, your elevated maps can actually pop!

Think of elevated maps of big cities like London, Amsterdam or Tokyo or special prints of your own neighborhood, the Himalayas or the Alps. The elevated map is a perfect example of how the elevated printing technology of Project EIGER can be used to produce maps that you have never seen before. A new application that combines creativity and technology has arisen.

Become a pioneer in the design market.

The elevated printing technology of Project EIGER gives you the opportunity to leave an outstanding impression with unique relief prints. Whether you are an art director, photographer, designer or illustrator, the possibilities of the elevated printing technology are endless. Project EIGER invites you to become one of the first to explore this brand new technology. Take advantage of the benefits of the elevated printing technology and wow you and your customers!

Become a pioneer in the design market.

Unique high-quality relief prints.

Your designs will be printed in high resolution and in full color. The resolution is just as high as designs that you print in a two-dimensional format and the full CMYK color gamut is available with the addition of white. Next to that, your elevations will not only be visible, but are also tactile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Elevated prints for any purpose.

The elevated printing technology is not only suitable for printing large numbers of images, it is also suitable for printing a small series of images as well as unique, individual prints. Moreover, it is possible to print sizes from 5 x 9 cm up to 122 x 244 cm and add multiple panels.

Ease of use.

Create designs by utilizing the tools you are already used to, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and preview your elevated design in the Project EIGER viewer. Next, there is no need to buy a printer. You create your own design and Project EIGER prints it. This makes elevated printing accessible for everyone.

How can you know what you can create, until you see what’s possible?

Images say much more than words. And that is extremely true for the elevated images of Project EIGER. A group of designers, art directors, photographers and illustrators that have already used the elevated printing technology are more than happy to share their results with you. Why? To inspire you. To dare you to come up with more innovative ideas. To learn from each other.

Take a closer look at all the applications that have already been created in the fields of fine art reproductions, digitally created art, signage & way finding, elevated maps, interior decoration, marketing campaigns and even smartphone cases. Take this opportunity and boost your creativity!

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