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Curious how Project EIGER reproduced the Jewish Bride of Rembrandt van Rijn? Watch the video!

Project EIGER works closely together with other parties such as the Berkshire Hathaway company Larson-Juhl to manage the entire process from “in-museum” scanning of paintings, through to elevated printing, framing and the distribution of the final reproductions. Interested to find out more about fine art reproductions using the elevated printing technology? Let’s talk!

Fine art reproductions make the artworks of the world’s most famous painters more accessible for everyone. Not only by making a small series of reproductions available for purchase, but also for educational purposes. Imagine what can be learned by touching paintings. Would there be a more exciting way to learn more about the method of […]

”It’s not only about what we see anymore. It’s about what we see and what we touch”

Imagine that you can reproduce the art paintings of the world’s most famous painters, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. That you can combine the true colors with a very accurate reproduction of the brush strokes and texture of the painting. Undoubtedly, this generates exciting and remarkable experiences that have never appealed to so many senses […]