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Become a pioneer in the design market.

The elevated printing technology of Project EIGER gives you the opportunity to leave an outstanding impression with unique relief prints. Whether you are an art director, photographer, designer or illustrator, the possibilities of the elevated printing technology are endless. Project EIGER invites you to become one of the first to explore this brand new technology. […]

Become a pioneer in the design market.

Unique high-quality relief prints. Your designs will be printed in high resolution and in full color. The resolution is just as high as designs that you print in a two-dimensional format and the full CMYK color gamut is available with the addition of white. Next to that, your elevations will not only be visible, but […]

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Let’s talk. Do you like to learn more about elevated printing? The opportunities, the workflow and of course the business potential? Let’s discuss the possibilities! [contact-form-7 id=”183″ title=”Contact”]

About us.

Project EIGER is your print service provider for elevated printing, which is pioneering the design market with a mission: bringing a new look and feel to graphic art applications by elevating designs. The company has been established in 2013 as a development of Océ – A Canon Company. With combined forces of Océ and Canon […]