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Preview and test your elevated designs.

Use the Project EIGER viewer in the Elevation Assistant plug-in to preview how your design will turn out when printed. Or – if you are not sure how your print will look and feel like – you can always contact us for a test slice of your own design before ordering the whole print.

Start by using your trusted tool.

Use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create the two necessary files: a color file and an elevation file. Adobe Photoshop can be used to create the files manually. For Adobe Illustrator you can get a little help of the Elevation Assistant plug-in that is currently free available for Adobe Illustrator versions CS6 and CC. […]

Adding a tactile dimension to print.

The elevated printing technology of Project EIGER – a development of Océ – A Canon Company, makes it possible to literally add a new look and feel to graphic art applications by printing multiple layers of ink on top of each other. With our cutting-edge technology for elevated printing, you can not only see but […]